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We created Alеgi Engineering Ltd. in order to bring together the knowledge and experience accumulated over the past 15 years in the field of mobile mining and industrial automation.

The first project we realized was the challenge of creating a mini drilling box with the most up-to-date management and monitoring systems. The project includes the design, production and commissioning of Mini Drill Lucky (MDL 201).

We have the necessary resources to realize your projects and we are ready to respond to dynamic market requirements.

Since 2019 our company has ISO 9001: 2015 - Design and production of mobile mining machines.



Alegi Engineering Ltd.



Mini Drill Lucky (MDL201) is a machine designed to perform drilling work in mining and tunneling with a production profile from 2.5 to 2.5 to 3.5 by 3.5 meters. It is equipped with a hydraulic hammer with a power of 13 kW. This allows horizontal boreholes up to 45 mm in diameter and up to 2.5 meters deep with high penetration speeds. An automation system is integrated that monitors all operating parameters, provides semi-automatic drilling hydraulics, improves drilling efficiency, optimizes tool wear, and enables analysis of archived information

Technical specifications of the carriage in Bulgarian and English can be found in MDL201 (BG) and MDL201 (EN). MDL201 (BG) и MDL201 (EN).


Video - First tests the functionality of the Lucky MDL201 mining machine - April 2016







Designed and built specifically for underground mining in accordance with EN 1889-1:2011. In the end of May we will put into operation the first two machines.

GIDROCK Specification EN

Hydraulic Hoses

From 2017. we have a UNIFLEX S8i Hydraulic Press for production of hydraulic and industrial hoses with different types of nozzles. The machine has a compression force of 220 tons, which is sufficient to handle hose with 2 braids to 2 inches (DN-50), 4 braids to 2 inches (DN-50), 6 braids to 1 inch and 1/2 (DN -38). The specificity of work requires us to be independent and responsible in what we do. Buying UNIFLEX S8i gives us freedom and is a natural complement to the range of services we offer.

Mining and Specialiazed Machinery Service

We offer the following services:

· Major and remedial repair of mining and specialized mobile equipment in order to bring your machine back to its original state of operation.

· Partial repairs, upgrades and modifications of any mining, construction and specialized machinery in order to improve and improve the reliability of your machine.

· Emergency field repairs to the customer in order to return your machine to working condition.

· Service and repair of hydraulic hammers produced by Sandvik, Atlas Copco (Epiroc), Montabert and Doofor.

Our goal is to offer an alternative for performing quality repair and restoration activities to customers with drilling underground and overhead drills, mining wheel loaders and dumpers, torque machines, car wheels and other specialized machinery.






News & Media

Bulgarian team created an innovative mining machine

"Alegi Engineering" designs a unique miniature for "Lucky Invest"






"A new type of mining machine has been working for several months in Lucky Invest's mines." Although similar analogues exist, there are two special things around the so-called "carriage": the first is smaller and that's the big engineering challenge , making it the only one of its kind, the second one being created by a Bulgarian team.

Behind the whole project, the young entrepreneur Georgi Atanasov, who managed to gather a team and for a year and a half to bring the enterprise to a successful end, stands by the idea, through the design until the construction. The project is thanks to the trust and support of Lucky (part of the KCM Group). Now plans are to produce such carriages for other mining companies in Bulgaria and the region."

The whole article, here



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